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Registering as an Artist
KiptonART helps artists connect both online and offline with art buyers, collectors, art galleries, and interior designers. We provide the artist with the tools, exposure, and support necessary to advance their careers.

Getting your portfolio online and open to our community of visitors and industry professionals is easy. After registration, you will have access to your personal account at KiptonART which allows you to create your profile and upload images to your portfolio. Artists also get a personalized URL link to their portfolio in our artists index that they may begin sharing and promoting right away.

Our Basic Membership is free and includes everything you need to publish and manage your art portfolio online in your artists index. Optional paid membership entitles you to extra features and personalized services as well as opportunities for events, contests, and placement into galleries around the world.

Registering as an Art Buyer
Join our exclusive community in order to access emerging artists that are superstars in the making. Most artists have yet to gain the attention of collectors or gallery owners which gives collectors the ability to spot and buy work prior to price and demand increases. Collectors also have the opportunity to attend VIP exhibitions and previews, access e-newsletters and receive special announcements.

Registering as a Gallery Owner
Join hundreds of gallery owners already with us in order to spot emerging talent before the competition. Each artist is classified as either a Junior, Intermediate or Principal artist based on our weighted tier process. As a member, you will be be eligible to receive VIP invitations for artist previews, lectures and on-going e-newsletters.

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