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Artists, Index, KiptonART
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Take advantage of eveything KiptonART has to offer
In just a few easy steps, you will have access to hundreds of artists including our 2010 KiptonART Rising winners shown below. Questions? or Call 212-486-2608

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Benefits of our complementary buyer membership
Whether this is your first time buying art, or you are looking to diversify your budding collection, experience the most unique access to international emerging artists.
Unparalleled Art Selection
Our Art Directory is filled with thousands of original works by international artists of various experience levels and in a wide array of mediums.
Personal Advisor Service
All buyers and collectors have access to a dedicated KiptonART advisor who will assist you with finding the art you really want. Learn more.
Curatorial Board
The KiptonART curatorial board, consisting of industry professionals, scores and deliberates artists' works, divided by aesthetics and experience. Learn More.
Buying Art Made Easy
Once you log into your account, you can browse and request to purchase any available art. Once the artist approves, we handle the rest. Learn more.

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“I called on KiptonART to curate my space. I was in need of art for my home and they transformed it from a blank canvas into a stunning art gallery in just three days. They were able to select museum-quality works in line with my taste and I can't thank them enough for their meticulous and highly personal services.” - Joshua Bell, Grammy Award Winning Violinist