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Designer Collections presents Designer Raj Tolaram

June 29th, 2011. Published in INTERVIEWS by Staff Writer.

Designer Collections Introduces Designer Raj Tolaram




What is the last exhibition you attended?

The Van Cleef & Arpels show at the Cooper Hewitt…On the same day as the Alexander McQueen show at the Met.

How would you describe the décor in your home?

VERY comfortable modern, Jean Michel Frank inspired, accented with Willy Rizzo, bold color and some family antiques... all perfectly laid out for entertaining.

What was the first work of art that you purchased?

A 1950’s lithograph Bermuda Travel poster, it was on linen –I went on to build an incredible collection of these vintage Bermuda travel posters—the collection was eventually sold onto a client.

What artists most inspire or influence you?

I’m moved by color and the play of color as much as I am moved by the striking contrast of black and white and monochromatic works... artists influence on my projects vary with the client and the project. I am personally drawn to works by Rauschenberg, Picasso and Chagall lithographs.



Designer Raj Tolaram of Raj Tolaram Ltd--with design offices in Bermuda, New York City and soon- to- be London-- is a native of Bermuda. Tolaram came to the design industry naturally…through a generations old family business that began in nineteenth century India and moved to Bermuda in the 1930’s, trading in textiles, gems and furnishings from around the globe.

In early 1999, Tolaram separated from his family’s business and opened his own shop in Bermuda, trading in modern textiles, home-furnishings and antiques. His interiors division began immediately upon opening his doors, when a customer asked for Tolaram’s placement advice on an antique he had purchased. The customer quickly became Tolaram’s first design client and was the catalyst of a design career that spans the globe and has included homes, private ships, airplanes, and offices on some of the world’s top streets.

Raj Tolaram’s design point of view is best captured in his quote, “the best thumb print a designer can leave on a project…is that of his clients”.
















Top to Bottom: Mark Thomas Johnson, Tina. 36" x36", Acrylic on Canvas. Celia Rogge, Melting Gotham. 24" x 32", Giclee Print on Archival Photography Paper. Stephan Fowlkes, Negative Space. 84" x 66", Sculpture. Rachel Sousa, Azulejo, white border (pillow). 22" x 22", Limited Edition pillow. Jane Frances, Lloyd, Spread Understanding. 48" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas. Annika Connor, Untitled Ballerina on Stairs. 16" x 20", Watercolor. Khaled El Mays, Yara. 38" x 50", Digital Inkjet Print Mounted on Plexi. Javier Gomez, Emptiness. 43" x 32", Photography.  Rob Lang, Dry Dock #13. 30" x 30", Photography. Michael Thompson, The Bodyscape. 36"x 72", Photography.



July 6th, 2013 10:17 am
Posted by Nikhil.
Nice ones. I would like to know what is the effect used on this pic -

July 3rd, 2011 12:43 pm
Posted by Michael.
Raj's working is amazing!!! Keep it up Mr. T!