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Neue Galerie's Neue Gal

March 31st, 2010. Published in ART by KiptonART Intern.

Neue Galerie's Neue Gal
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Beautiful socialite Annabel Vartanian explores the Neue Galerie for the first time in QUEST magazine’s March issue.  Dressed ready for spring trends, a storyline shot by Jack Deutsch unfolds.  Wonderfully styled the spread reveals the power of art and its capability of self-transformation.  Walking along 86th and 5th, channeling her inner WASP in a J. Crew vintage bateau top Ms. Vartanian stumbles onto the Upper East Side museum.  Entering confidently the girl appears altogether unaware of her surroundings poised in Burberry and a ruffled Ralph Lauren skirt.  At first there is an emotional disconnect between her and the art.  With precise composition mirroring that of Erich Keckel’s Girl with Doll she distances herself from the work: a separation of art and human form.  This could be any Upper Eastsider ideally spending a carefree afternoon entertaining her own self. However, the empty halls allows the girl to experience famed Austrian and German Expressionist works that have made the space renowned.   Die Tanzerin (The Dancer) by Gustav Klimt is quick to draw her into the piece.  Ms. Vartanian has appreciated Klimt’s technique for years and was thrilled to be shot among some of his most famous paintings.  Speaking with her after the shoot she explains that his meticulous detailing and fairytale imageries captivates her every time she sees one of his artworks.  Smiling coyly she adds an admiration for his fondest of redheads, while touching her own firey hair.  The cover shot of the magazine is of Ms. Vartanian standing in front Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.  Gold leafing compliments mosaics of rich tones encompassing a noble woman.  The Neue prides itself on this masterwork as it was purchased in 2006 for $135 million dollars.  At the time it was the most expensive painting ever sold, publicly (today it is the third).  From here, Ms. Vartanian becomes part of the art. So much that even once the paintings are gone she remains a work of beauty.  Adorning her, the next shot is a sculptural masterpiece of its own; a gown worthy of artistic praise without a single Klimt, Schiele or Klee needed to accompany.  The Marchesa (seen above) frames the body perfectly, whimsically redefining structure.  Ms. Vartanian later confesses that though it might have been the most stunning to wear, it was also the most difficult being both heavy and fragile.  Leaving the museum, the experience is painted upon her inspired face.  Having transcended through the galleries of this wonderful institution, she is already eager for her next visit: even if it does not include a fabulous magazine spread.

- Article inspired by QUEST Magazine's March 2010 Issue, "What's Neue for Spring" by Daniel Cappello.  Photographed by Jack Deutsch (images have been cropped for KiptonART).; A Special thank you to Neue Galerie. 


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January 12th, 2016 08:32 am
Posted by Forever.
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January 7th, 2016 05:10 am
Posted by Jasemin.
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