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KiptonART ART TALK with Fashion Designer Yotam Solomon

March 14th, 2010. Published in INTERVIEWS by D Mitri Agnès-Capone .

ART TALK with Fashion Designer Yotam Solomon
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Who are your favorite KiptonART artists? Why?
Julie Combal: Her paintings express many feelings and demonstrate much emotion, which is very inspirational. She thinks outside of the box and expresses her feeling through earth tones and imagery that is more complex in her abstract pieces.
Ula Einstein: Absolutely beautiful forms that are innovative and delicate yet make a very strong statement. She keeps with the natural colors of the objects, while exploring the conditions of which she can create and develop. I admire that.
I adore the shapes and patterns created by
Jill Broussard and Daniel Rosenbaum
. Their pieces have much substance to them - some could be used as fashion prints.

What was the last exhibition you saw?
I went to a really wonderful exhibit of contemporary abstract art at Steve Turner Contemporary in Los Angeles, where “Dream Works” by Ilán Lieberman was a favorite. Before that was a MOCA opening – MOCA First Thirty Years; my favorite pieces there were from Lynda Benglis. There was also a great selection of photography and abstract art.
How would you describe the décor in your home?
It’s very modern. I really like the Italian modern style – a lot of white. White furniture with darker tones in the wood. There are a lot of metallic fixtures; I like to kind of combine art nouveau with modern styles. Not too much color. Most of the color comes from the art work.
What was the first piece of art that you purchased?
A beautiful piece by Nahum Gutman of the hillsides in Jerusalem.
What is the roll of art in fashion? Vice versa?
Everything from interior design, music, architecture – it all combines, they all intermix. Whatever artists are doing affects design and whatever designers are doing affects artists. We all get inspiration from each other.
"Although not simple nor classic, Solomon's first real design collection reminds audiences that showmanship and high-fashion are in fact still intact in California." British Vogue -


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