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KiptonART: Giving Artists Access
KiptonART helps artists connect both online and offline with art buyers, collectors, art galleries, and interior designers. We provide the artist with the tools, exposure, and support necessary to advance their careers.

Getting your portfolio online and open to our community of visitors and industry professionals is easy. After registration, you will have access to your personal account at KiptonART which allows you to create your profile and upload images to your portfolio. Artists also get a personalized URL link to their portfolio in our artists index that they may begin sharing and promoting right away.

Our Basic Membership is free and includes everything you need to publish and manage your art portfolio online in your artists index. Optional paid membership entitles you to extra features and personalized services as well as opportunities for events, contests, and placement into galleries around the world.

The KiptonART Artist Tier System
Principal Tier

This is the highest ranking on KiptonART. Each artist who makes it to the Principal Tier has achieved a high level of success including: extensive exhibitions, multiple awards and honors and press. Our Curatorial team carefully monitors all Principal Tier artists. Principal Tiers will have the same advantages as both the New Artist Tiers and Intermediate Tiers, as well as: Principal Tiers may be asked to join in on special commissioned projects (i.e. "The Color of Money" commission) and Principal Tiers will have special access to collectors and as well as potential gallery introductions.

*Eligible to be chosen as a KiptonART Rising Artist.

Intermediate Tier

Intermediate Tier artists have more experience and are committed to pursuing art full-time. Most artists in the Intermediate Tier have received significant exposure exhibiting their work and have created a basis of collectors to buy their work. Intermediate artists also have received multiple awards and have begun to draw attention by gallery owners. The KiptonART curatorial team inspects each Intermediate artist closely in order to help maintain momentum to reach the Principal Tier.

*Eligible to be chosen as a KiptonART Rising Artist.

New Artists Tier

All artists start out in the New Artist Tier. As artists evolve in their career and begin exhibiting their work, they potentially receive awards, press and recognition. As the exposure grows, so does visibility within the art industry and with the collectors. Many new artists are either in art school, have recently graduated or have been pursuing art for many years. KiptonART Gives new artists access by enhancing visibility through the extensive network and web traffic. Our goal is for all new artists to move into the higher tiers.

*Eligible to be chosen as a KiptonART Rising Artist.

Basic (Free) Artist Membership Plan
FREE Artist Membership includes:
  • Page 2 of the Art Directory
  • Profile will be Live in our Art Directory after 3 images are uploaded
  • Automatically sell your work via our e-commerce system
  • Promote your artist profile in minutes to your friends and family

  After 45 days your account will automatically revert to the free Basic plan. You may upgrade to the paid plan at anytime.
Paid Artist Membership Plan
For $75 Annual Fee, receive everything above PLUS the following benefits:
  • Priority placement on Page 1 of our Art Directory
  • Automatic inclusion in e-blast for "Designer Collections" program (if selected by Interior Designers). e-blast reaches our collectors and interior designers. This is huge source of exposure for any artist selected
  • Instant placement in one of 3 tiers at either Principal, Intermediate, New Artist
  • "Like" buttons and "tweet" buttons in your artist profile (have your friends and family "Like" your profile to increase your visibility)
  • Free SEO optimization to help increase the popularity of your artist profile
  • Opportunity for Solo & Group Exhibitions
  • Periodic reviews by our Curatorial Board
  • Access us as your agent/representative without signing contract
  • Automatically entered to be evaluated by Curatorial Board as they make selections for the annual KiptonART Rising Finalist program
  • Email support from KiptonART Team Members

    * Artists are responsible for shipping charges to KiptonART when their work is selected for placement in KiptonART or affiliated Galleries.

    ** Please remember that KiptonART Artist Memberships are a privilege, not a right. Should any existing or future KiptonART Members behave in a manner unbecoming to our international, world-class community, their membership will be immediately and irrevocably terminated and the membership fee reimbursed.