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Since 2005, has grown into a go-to global resource for artists, collectors and taste makers with an eye for art, esthetics and style.  KiptonART delivers daily content from all spectrums of the art world via our blog and Online Magazine. 

For the past two years of our Online Magazine launch,
our international contributors continue to cover daily news on galleries, artists, films, style and high profiled events in New York and from around the world.  Whether covering New York’s Fashion Week, to attending the hottest gallery openings in New York and covering social events, KiptonART continues to stay on the pulse of what's hot and in style.  Over the last year, our ART TALK column was launched to give more insight behind the scenes of patron and celebrity lives expressing their interests around art and interior design while relating it to daily life.  Review some of the past interviews here.


Every month our newsletter is distributed to over 7,500+ subscribers worldwide. The newsletter consists of teaser articles which give our readers a taste of what's most news worthy at that time.  The magazine’s goal is to inform and entertain while profiling registered artists and bringing the online community of artists together.  


The KiptonART online artist registry has grown to contain over 1,000 registered emerging artists with over 500+ actively updating work to include images, prices, dimensions with all mediums including photography, painting, sculpture and more.  Our newest "sort by price" feature allows registered users the ability to sort by specific price ranges in order to customize art for any budget.  Registered users are also able to access our unique 3 tier ranking system which ranks artists by experience levels.

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