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Artists, Index, KiptonART
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Designer Collections: Adrienne Neff Top 10 Art Selects

ABOUT DESIGNER COLLECTIONS Designer Collections is an on-going partnership with the interior design community who will be selecting up to 10 artists from our online community. Each designer will base their selections on their personal design style and the announcement of the selected artists will shared with our collector database. Artists are continually encouraged to update their artist profiles with the latest works of art from their portfolio. The interior designers will make the selections weekly.

Designer Collections: Adrienne Neff Top 10 Art Selects
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The Bodyscape
36 x 72 in.
Thompson, Michael
Tara, Tabo Gompa, Spiti Valley, West Tib
29 x 23 in.
Water Color
Hannemann, Beat Ted
24 x 36 in.
Water Color
Connor, Annika
February 16, 2008
30 x 24 in.
Oil on Wood
Terry, Justin