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Landise, Susan

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

London Art Week: Gold: Natl. Academy of Fine Art: Paris, Vienna, Rome, ETC. (International)
Union League Club, New York, 50 piece one woman show, Member: National Academy of Fine Art: Finalist International Art Competitions-2002-03-04 shows, Brazil, Paris, Vienna, Rome( Medusa Awards 2006) Allan Ashton gallery Defoor Center show Atlanta, curator (International)
Palm Award 2009 (International)
Who's Who Visual Arts in Europe 2005-09 (International)
Please visit: (International)
International Art Competition, First Place 2004 Brazil (International)
Exhibit: Louvre Paris Oct. 210 Nov. 2, 2011 (International)

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Breakwater - giclee of original
Acrylic on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, Other

Artist's Statement: To understand man you must understand his art. Art is a journey through time that will lead to the understanding of cultures and even humanity itself. We are recording our own history. Our responsibility to art is to define it for the time in which we live. The even larger responsibility is not to allow creativity to be defined by anyone or ourselves. If we define creativity we loose the very essence of the word and as a result we will lose our art. copyright: Susan Landise - February 1, 2005

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The Carmina Burana- giclee of original

9 x 14 in.



Oil on Oil

17 x 11 in.

Mixed Media


Breakwater - giclee of original

16 x 20 in.

Acrylic on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, Other


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