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Edmanson-harrison, Roberto

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

Masters in Art (International)
Bachelor of Art in Holistic Counselling - Corllins University (International)
Assoc. Degree Art History - Canterbury University (International)
Higher Nat. Dip. in Impressionist Art - London College of Art (National)
Higher Nat. Dip. Counselling - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (National)
Higher Nat.Dip. Web Design - Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (National)
A (plus) award in Media Art from Canterbury University (National)

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Hookers on Galway Bay
Mixed Media

Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Master of Arts in Art & Design, Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Counselling, Associate in Art History. Born in 1966, West Hartlepool, Co.Durham, England. � Originally a Fine Art style painter, with influences such as Caravaggo, Rembrandt and other masters of the period. � In 1990, he switched his style completely, as a result of failing eyesight due to the years of constant fine detail & intricacy used in his earlier style of Fine Art. �Today his work has a much looser feel to it and his newer style has been influenced by impressionists such as Monet, Gauguin & of course his favourite artist - Van Gogh. As well as being a talented Painter,�Designer and Photographer. �He is also an accomplished� Sculptor In Wood, Stone & alternative� media.

Rob has had numerous successful exhibitions in Ireland, England & United States.� He has also contributed to joint & Group exhibitions elsewhere around Europe.
One of his most notable Artistic Patrons being, the Ex-President of Ireland, her Excellency the Honourable Mrs. Mary Robinson. He is a member of Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists, along with being a member of VAGA & ICA in the UK and indeed the American Artist Guild in the States. Education & Experience: In 1994, Rob completed an Associate degree in Art History, which was followed in 2000 by a Bachelors degree in Holistic Counselling and finally a MA in Art & Design this year 2009.

In 1999, he and his wife Sheila moved to the Isle of Man, where he commenced a new career path in Finance.� He has spent the last ten years developing his knowledge of business, within the Island’s Finance and local Government Sectors.

Roberto’s new Company ‘
ArtworkX of Mann’ represents yet another phase in his development as an Artist and Businessman.� His company is a new concept in Art Promotion and Marketing, many of his ideas drawn from his experiences as an Artist & Businessman, which means of course that, it makes him ideally placed to represent his clients, namely other Artists. �

Whilst it is true that, his client portfolio is made up mainly from Artists who are resident or have strong ties to the Isle of Man.� He does also represent some International Artists, the numbers of which are themselves growing steadily.

His Company’s new website, has a dual purpose in� firstly demonstrating to the viewer the vast amounts of� Artistic talent currently on the Isle of Man.� Also� it will afford Investors Worldwide a unique Business opportunity. In this current economic climate, it gives the investor a chance of entering into a Low - Medium risk Investment in a niche market, namely the Art’s.

By being a Patron of the Arts, the Investor will simultaneously & directly contribute to the growth of the Artist� as well as that of their actual investment.� In addition to this, each Investor is getting the added benefit of Literally watching their investment whilst it grows.

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Hookers on Galway Bay

36 x 23 in.

Mixed Media


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