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Brown, Molly

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

2008 1st place graphic design "Utopia, Distopia" (Local)
2009 1st place mixed media Purchase Award for "Wonder Land" (Local)
2010 1st Place Ceramics "Blue illa" (Local)

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Blue Abyss
Sculpture, Other

Molly Brown
“Mixed Messages”

I am a modern contemporary artist with many new creative and innovative ideas.

I have always been drawn to the creation of art and began designing at a young age. Throughout college, I started out as an apprentice to an interior designer. Paint chips and fabrics were my world. Midway through school I was drawn to graphic design. I
received a degree in Graphic Design and went on to start my own business ( creating business identity systems. My true passion in life is creating art and I continue to take classes to enhance my skills.

As a painter, I really enjoy bold colors with abstract/geometric shapes. Some of these paintings are non-objective and come alive with color and shape.

By experimenting with new mediums, my artwork has evolved to include: clay, photography, digital art, and metal sculptures.

Now I nd that mixing mediums (collaging) is irresistible. Mixing steel, with stainless steel, and copper, or digital art with paintings and photography creates opportunities for endless design possibilities.

My clay and metal sculptures are usually abstract with a whimsical twist. I especially love arts that require my hands getting dirty because I enjoy bonding with the materials, and want that joy to pass through the artwork to my viewers.

Art creates a healthy atmosphere in my life and balances the hectic emotions of every day living.

Co-founder of the Sacramento Metal Arts Guild:


• 2011 Placer Arts: featuring Clay Animal Sculptures and Metal Paintings (Jan / Feb)
• 2010 S12 Patris Gallery, Sacramento, CA - Featuring Metal Sculptures
• 2010 High Hand Gallery: “ArtStock” featuring Metal Sculptures
• 2010 Kennedy Gallery Sacramento, CA - Clay Sculptures
• 2010 Sacramento Artist Complex: Private Gallery - inside Gallery 2110, K street
• 2010 Arger Martucci Vineyards Napa, CA
• 2010 Midtown Nights, Reno NV
• 2010 Reno Art Walk "West Street Market"
• 2010 20th Street Art Gallery, Sacramento CA, (May 18 - August 30) Featuring Metal Sculptures
• 2010 Ridley Gallery, Rocklin Ca - featuring: "Blue illa" - won 1st Place Ceramics, "A Situation of Frustration', "Angel Brought"
• 2010 Clayfest, Lincoln CA
• 2010 Blue Line Gallery, Roseville - Featuring "Bird of Paradise"
• 2009 Ridley Gallery, Rocklin Ca - 1st Place Mixed Media & School Purchase Award for "Wonder Land"
• 2008 Ridley Gallery, Rocklin Ca - 1st Place Graphic Design Award "Utopia Distopia"
• 2005 Art and Wine Walk, Reno NV - Abstract Paintings

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The Rock Star

24 x 14 in.

Sculpture, Other


Steel Utopia Blue

66 x 36 in.

Sculpture, Other


Clock Series "12 • 3 • 9 • 6"

66 x 30 in.



Bird of Paradise

20 x 15 in.




72 x 36 in.

Sculpture, Other


Royal Peacock

42 x 60 in.

Sculpture, Other


Blue Abyss

60 x 30 in.

Sculpture, Other


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