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Hold, Michelle

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

2nd showcase Artslant (International)
winner of Ferrari for Art (International)
Premio Louvre (National)
4th showcase on Artslant (International)

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one step at a time
Acrylic on Canvas

I want to show what you cannot see and celebrate the vision of mystery, believing in a new area of consciousness. My inspiration comes from nature and science and what I paint has to surprise. My interest lies in opening up a window to a secret world, and through colour immersing the viewer in emotion. Since I left Austria , where I grew up and started to study architecture I have been travelling all my life, from Australia to California, from Cambodia to Panama, Thailand to Zanzibar. Staying long periods in Rome, Milan, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London where I frequented several art courses. And I continue to travel, because seeing new places for me means learning, adapting, opening your mind and all this influences my way to paint and approach life. Like an architect I like to construct my paintings layer by layer with high quality acrylics and pigments until I obtain the wanted depth I desire. Having studied and worked as textile designer, composition and colors are very important to me and the final result has to satisfy my concept of beauty and harmony.

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one step at a time

39 x 39 in.

Acrylic on Canvas


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