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Raphaela, Gina

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

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�I have been been an artist for 15 years. I pretty much taught myself in addition to �working with a few established�LA artists as their assistant.
My first series of abstract paintings were given a solo show in Los Angeles and sold out before I knew what hit me. My paintings�began selling consistently in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Washington DC, Miami. And the commissions began for private collectors.
Upon fulfilling my dream to move back to New York and work as an artist here, I began
working in new mediums and am currently working on a constructive sculpting series which is an exploration of beauty and self image juxtaposed with the elusive nature of time.
My creative process begins with an open heart-avoiding having to figure it out.
I attempt to create from my most vulnerable state: and acceptance of the unknown. It is my intent to allow the viewer the same freedom.
My work is always an attempt to go beyond what's possible and play in the impossible.

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72 x 24 in.


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