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Hannemann, Beat Ted

For more information about this artist, please email us at or call 212-486-2608.

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New York/USA
Photography, Mixed Media, Water Color

NEW: Homepage: (Beat Ted's Visual Artist Site)


Opening of my exhibiton: Hidden Culture of West Tibet:

Friday, 19th of August 2011, 6 p.m.

St. John's Chapel of the City of Rheinfelden / Switzerland

If you like my style of paintings, there is any opportunitiy for me to work as artist in residence  worldwide


Basel/Switzerland and Amtsterdam/The Netherlands
Homepages and blogs:


Advanced Studies in Art Management University of Basel CH, personal subjects:

- New methods of presentation in Museums of Arts

- International cultural policy (The Netherlands, Sweden etc.)

- Migration and Fine Art 

BA Hons Degree in Art Therapy and Art Teaching Academy of Humanities and Arts at the Goehteanum Dornach/Basel/ CH

Mediavel Art History and History of the Etruscians Università Stranieri, Perugia/I

Painting, Textile Art and Photography College of Arts and Draughts, Basel/CH

Drawing, Graphics, Textile Art and Photography, London/GB

Study in Fabric Design (Jacquard and Imprimé ) Swiss Textile- and Fashion School Zurich/ CH

Studies and science project Creativity and Arts with Elderly worldwide at Karolinska Institutet för Social Medizin, Stockholm SE


Life sience projects as art executive and painter in Great Britain and Sweden Elderly Care with artistical media in a multi-cultural setting

Presentation of Art Therapy with Elderly  at different Symposia and Congresses Europe wide

Organisation of exhibitions of old patients artwork in Switzerland and Europe

Personal Art Projects in following countries: 

Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France, Finland, Italy, India, Hungary, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Public Republic of Moldavia, Tech Republic, The Netherlands, Tibet, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA

Painting in oil on canvas and collages & watercolour on paper

Theme: Colour and forms on their cultural voyages


Foreign cultures, Architecture (museums), languages, History of Arts, pilgrimage,calligraphy etc.

Several publications 

Themes (Selection): 

- Art and Creativity with Elderly

- Active Museum of  Modern Arts
- Art policies in several European countries

- Colours and Forms

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Tabo Gompa No 4

29 x 23 in.

Water Color


Tara, Tabo Gompa, Spiti Valley, West Tib

29 x 23 in.

Water Color


Colours of Rajasthan, India

27 x 22 in.

Oil on Canvas


Elements, Schärgården, Stock

143 x 125 in.

Oil on Canvas


Milky Way

53 x 36 in.

Water Color


New York/USA

16 x 20 in.

Photography, Mixed Media, Water Color


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