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Exact +/- 10"
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Exact +/- 10"

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objects on landscape
38 x 44 in.
Oil on Canvas
Abstract, Architectural Theme
Babilonia, Julius
abstract rectangle
90 x 60 in.
Abstract, Architectural Theme
ward, david
84 x 59 in.
Abstract, Collage, Architectural, Photo Realism Theme
Buckhead 3060
36 x 24 in.
Landscape, Pop Art, Architectural Theme
Coffin, Tristram
48 x 48 in.
Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media
Abstract, Portrait, Kid-Friendly, Pop Art, Nude/Figurative, Architectural, Outside the Box, Avant-garde, Photo Realism, Caricature Theme
glancey, mike
"The Where and The How Left you and..."
60 x 144 in.
Sculpture, Mixed Media
Abstract, Collage, Pop Art, Architectural, Outside the Box, Street Art Theme
Miller, Apryl
Silver Cup
12 x 48 in.
Oil on Canvas
Realism, Landscape, Architectural, Street Art Theme
baker, emily
20 x 16 in.
Landscape, Abstract, Architectural Theme
Elisabeth, Danielle
9 x 47 in.
Sculpture, Acrylic on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media, Oil on Wood, Other
Abstract, Collage, Fashion, Pop Art, Nude/Figurative, Architectural, Outside the Box, Avant-garde, Spiritual, Mythological, Caricature, Street Art Theme
Shuldiner, Gabriel J
A Flexible Perspective
120 x 120 in.
Architectural Theme
Benarcik, Susan
The Look
20 x 30 in.
Architectural Theme
Madia, Apurva
poesia domestica
12 x 12 in.
Architectural, Black & White Photography, Avant-garde Theme
neumann, matthias
Gold Four
42 x 36 in.
Mixed Media
Abstract, Architectural, Outside the Box, Avant-garde Theme
Terranova, Eduardo
Study of a Cognitive Landscape 46
12 x 12 in.
Mixed Media, Ink on Paper, Water Color, Drawing, Other
Landscape, Abstract, Nature, Surrealism, Architectural, Outside the Box, Avant-garde, Mythological Theme
Nazarévskaia, Kristina
Empire State Building 1
20 x 16 in.
Realism, Landscape, Architectural, Black & White Photography, Street Art Theme
Schaefer, Carolyn
Quotidian Treasures, The Chairs
30 x 45 in.
Landscape, Kid-Friendly, Architectural, Avant-garde Theme
Knospe, Alexandra
Unscripted Happenings.
16 x 20 in.
Photography, Mixed Media
Landscape, Abstract, Collage, Nature, Portrait, Fashion, Kid-Friendly, Nautical, Architectural, Outside the Box, Black & White Photography, Avant-garde, Spiritual Theme
Swain Bingham, Amanda
Plywood Station
20 x 25 in.
Landscape, Abstract, Kid-Friendly, Architectural, Outside the Box, Photo Realism Theme
Doskow, Jade
Manhattan Water Tanks
48 x 48 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Realism, Landscape, Architectural Theme
Silber-Delerive, Toni
sargasso oil sketch
19 x 15 in.
Oil on Wood
Abstract, Nature, Surrealism, Architectural, Spiritual Theme
aljian, stephen
Light Tartan: Fountain Park #6
44 x 60 in.
Landscape, Abstract, Architectural, Avant-garde Theme
DaSilva, Vicki

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